hey mama | ella.

hey mama | ella.

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hey mama, in the lead up to mother’s day we wanted to highlight some of our favourite mama’s out there to help us feel a little more connected, supported, heard & seen during this time.

each day we will be sharing with you an interview we did with one of these beautiful women & we can't wait to introduce you to them. 

for day five we chatted with Ella Cuthbert who was pregnant at the time of this interview but has since given birth to their son; Bernie.

biglittlethings | So lovely Ella, tell us a bit about yourself & who you’re a mama to.
Ella | I am 27, I live in Tassie with my husband Sean, our Labradoodle puppy Maple and we are expecting our first bambino in May.
I absolutely love home styling and interior design and also work as a Paramedic. I am so excited to start my new job as a mumma very soon. 

B | You’re currently patiently waiting for your first little babe to arrive. How are you feeling? What have been some things you’ve learnt about yourself during your pregnancy?
E | I am so excited for our bambino to arrive. We don’t know what we are having, which has made things extra special for us. 
I have learnt a lot about myself during pregnancy, such as how amazing a woman’s body/my body is, to be able to grow and nurture a baby for 9 months, I can’t actually believe how quickly they grow, they go from this little tiny dot to a full sized little human so quickly.
I have also learnt how strong and resilient we as pregnant women are, to be able to navigate the first trimester filled with some not so pleasant symptoms such as nausea, headaches and fatigue to then managing the final trimester when you feel you couldn’t possibly grow any bigger or you may actually pop. I have also sadly learnt how to get through 9 months without wine
, lucky it will all be so worth it very soon. 

B | What are you most looking forward to about becoming a mama?
E | I am so excited to be able to hopefully learn to breast feed a baby, to be able to watch them grow up and to enjoy all the little things together as a family. I am really looking forward to showing them the world, going to the beach with our little babe, taking them on camping trips in our beautiful island home, enjoying our family puppy together. 

B | How has being pregnant during these past crazy few months been? I know you couldn’t have your baby shower how you’d like, like so many mama’s who are pregnant right now. How have you adapted?

E | Growing a baby during a pandemic certainly wasn’t part of the plan, but like so many mummas to be and new mummas out there, you just have to adapt. As long as you, your baby and your family are happy and healthy that’s all that really matters. Working as a paramedic, I think it gives you a lot of perspective in terms of what is truely important, and I think I am so very lucky to have what I have and the people in my life, so although it’s a tough time for everyone it’s not forever and we all need to look after ourselves and each other right now.

Having said that, I think it’s the little things that have been the hardest for me during this time, like going to my mums & bubs KX pilates classes, which have up until now been so important to me in order to look after my body and alleviate some of those pregnancy aches and pains.

I also really miss going for coffee and breakfast with friends, taking the dog for a walk and a breaky date with the hubby and shopping for babe things with my mumma and sister. I have also missed family dinners and catch up time whilst being pregnant. 

B | your home styling is absolute goals - have you styled the baby’s room yet? And what are your top tips for styling that particular room?

E |  Aww - Thank you! I really do love styling, its something I find super fun and therapeutic, there is something so satisfying about freshening up/re-styling a space in your home. We have just finished a few little projects at home, one of which is the nursery. We can’t wait to show you the photos - there are some very cute Big Little Things items in there. 

Some of my quick tips for styling a nursery that I used in our own space include:

  • Lots of storage - draws and hanging space. To keep your space functional and clutter/mess free.
  • Keeping a neutral colour scheme - especially when having a surprise bambino like us, we have stuck to whites/creams and warm timbers. Once bambino arrives we will add a few more colours into the space. I am really loving these three gender neutral colours at the moment - olive green, mustard and terracotta.
  • Low maintenance plants/decorations - dried plants are great in a nursery as they require no attention what so ever and they look super cute - i love palms, pampas grasses and cotton. 
  • A big comfortable nursery chair - something we searched high and low for before we found one we loved. This is something you really should invest in as you're going to spending a lot of time here, especially during night time feeds. 

B | what/who inspires you as a mama?
E | My mumma inspires me. She is honestly one of the most selfless, caring women I know. She has taught me to grow into a loving, honest and motivated young women and I can’t wait for her to pass these beautiful qualities onto my bambino as they grow up. She is going to make one amazing “Jojo”.  

B | lastly, a very important question - what’s your Top 3 favourite products from biglittlethings?
E | the Levo rocker, So Luxury bath products and all the beautiful swaddles!

You can follow Ella on instagram @ellacuthbert


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